Why Green Clean?

The answer is simple – it’s eco-friendly and healthy. GreenClean uses only the latest eco-friendly non-invasive cleaning products.

Unlike traditional cleaning services that leave behind an unpleasant sterile odor, we leave you with natural smells and a healthy environment. We don’t use any toxic products such as bleach or detergents. All the tools we use are environmental-friendly. Also, we thoroughly clean every corner of the premises with the latest anti-bacterial products. We leave your house clean and we get rid of harmful allergens and bacteria with our cleaning process. The benefits of a GreenClean is truly endless.

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning is all about using safe, natural products throughout the cleaning process. We don’t use any toxic chemicals that may cause irritations, allergies, or leave a bad smell. Unlike other cleaning services on the market, GreenClean wants to stay eco-friendly and offer a healthier way of cleaning the premises. If you’re anywhere in Sydney and you’re in need of an environmental-friendly house cleaning, don’t hesitate to call us. Our team will be more than happy to show you how easy it is to maintain a clean home. Our industrial vacuum cleaners have much more power than commercial ones. The industrial vacuums allow us to clean every corner of your home thoroughly, and they’re eco-friendly as well.

natural and environmental friendly products
non toxic products

The top-notch technology we use, combined with our highly trained staff, offers the best cleaning service you’ll find. We use microfiber cloths and mops instead of traditional ones. We use a coloring methods to differentiate the mops for the bathroom areas and mops for the living areas. Hygiene is our primary concern, and we do everything to maintain that standard. Pollen, pet hair, and dust are all things of a past.

Green Products and Equipment

By using harmful chemicals to clean your house, you expose your family and yourself to many unpleasant risks. Bleach and aggressive detergent particles stay in the air for hours after you’re done cleaning. They can cause irritation and lung damage. We at GreenClean use only top-quality eco-friendly cleaning products. They are both non-invasive and non-toxic products throughout our cleaning process.

The benefits of Green Products:

not animal tested

Not tested on animals

Exclusive technology used in sea oil spills

Exclusive technology used in sea oil spills

eco friendly products

Better than other eco-friendly products including the efficiency and non-toxicity

No adverse effects on the environment

No adverse effects on the environment

The Vacuum Cleaners:

We use powerful industrial, eco-friendly vacuum cleaners only. They are approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia and recognized as vacuums that don’t trigger asthma and allergies. Our vacuum cleaners are equipped with a HEPA filter that removes 99.9% of harmful allergenic particles in the air, which maintains indoor air quality is preserved. They offer a powerful clean, decrease dust, and are surprisingly quiet.

green clean vacuum product

We strive to stay 100% eco-friendly. Many people have unpleasant allergies triggered by traditional cleaning products. To avoid any possible health issues, we commit to a 100% safe way of cleaning with environmental-friendly products. We care about your health and your children’s health.

About Us

GreenClean is a company that strives to keep your home clean and healthy. Unlike other commercial cleaning services in Sydney, we offer cleaning with all-natural eco-friendly products. We use only the best cleaning products and tools. Our vacuums are powerful industrial machines. We have the best possible cleaning crews who work hard to achieve the perfection. We have the reputation of being one of the healthier cleaning services in Sydney.

To offer the best cleaning service, we maintain the top level of quality. That’s why we have only the best people working with us. The customer’s satisfaction is our motivation. We consistently leave our customers happy and satisfied. We have grown our eco-friendly service into a leader in the industry and work hard to become even better. Our team consists of highly trained professionals that won’t let you down. Once we’re done with your home, you won’t believe your eyes.

We believe in excellent communication and good work ethics. That’s why we have very friendly customer support, and we receive a massive amount of positive feedback on a daily basis. If you want a healthy and clean environment, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your health should be your priority and it is our goal to provide a clean, healthy home for you. that for you. Your life will become much easier and above all – healthier. You no longer need to worry about bad smells, allergies, or lung irritation. Our process leaves no odors behind.

GreenClean will continue growing and modernizing its technology. We follow the evolution of modern technology. We strive to train our cleaning teams regularly and them to get in touch with the new revolutionary methods that come up in the market.

Green Clean Staff

Our GreenClean team consists of highly trained professional cleaners. These individuals are trained to follow the exclusive 24 Point Cleaning System by using only our approved eco-friendly products and equipment. They are very professional and polite. They will always show up neatly dressed, in clean uniforms, and eager to make your house a healthier place to live.

Our staff uses only the top-quality eco-friendly products and tools. Our vacuums are all approved by health organizations and are recognized as non-threatening to human health. If you’re interested in our green clean techniques and methods, don’t hesitate to ask the team leader about them. Our staff will be more than happy to discuss our cleaning methods with you and find out which is best for your needs. You may even learn a thing or two about cleaning while you’re talking with someone from our knowledgeable staff.